Case Studies

Case Studies

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Over the years we've worked with a wide range of companies, from both manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors. Some of our clients prefer to remain unnamed, and as we take client confidentiality very seriously, we can't always produce case studies, or always name the client.

All our training and consultancy is tailored to the individual client, so every Lean improvement project is undertaken differently. However each company benefits greatly in a number of ways:

  • Improved processes - both paper-based and manufacturing processes
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved Lean awareness throughout the business
  • Motivated workforce, actively seeking continuous improvement

Deltron Emcon Ltd

  • Productivity improvement project
  • Lean tools and techniques training
  • Leadership development training

Deltron Emcon, a subsidiary of Deltron Electronics plc, manufactures industrial EMC filters, patching products and connectors for the media and broadcast industries worldwide

For more information about Deltron Emcon's improvement programme, see the Case Study.

UK Valves Co Ltd

  • Management development training

The company was keen to develop and support members of the management team in order to help them achieve improved business results, better customer service and better motivated. employees

For more information about UK Valves Co Ltd, see the Case Study.


  • Full review of company's financial position
  • Lean awareness training to all employees
  • Leadership and Change Management training
  • Improved factory layout

Timberworx (part of REL Acoustics Ltd) is the UK's largest manufacturer of premium acoustics cabinets and enclosures for the audio industry.

For more information about Timberworx, see the Case Study.

Analox Sensor Technology Ltd

  • Redesigned process layout
  • Relocation
  • Developing 5-year growth strategy
  • Improvement activities

Analox Sensor Technology, part of the Analox Group, was founded in 1981 and currently employs 55 people. The company specialises in the design and manufacture of gas sensors and analysers.

For more information about our work with Analox, see the Case Study.

UK Software Co Ltd

  • Process improvement for Support
  • Contract Renewals process

The company was keen to roll out a company wide Process Simplification Programme, building on the initial work undertaken by a small team of Process Simplification Expert.

For more information about our work with UK Software Co Ltd, see the Case Study.

James H Heal & Co Limited

  • Strategy for growth
  • Process improvement
  • Introducing a culture of Continuous Improvement

MAS helped this global leader in the design and manufacture of textile testing instruments to develop a strategy for growth, streamline its processes and create a culture of Continuous Improvement.

For more information about our work with James H Heal & Co Limited, see the Case Study.