Process Improvement

Process Improvement

Process Improvement is all about streamlining the way that you deliver value for your customers. We help you focus on really understanding your customer’s needs, and on designing effective and efficient processes to deliver them.

If you need short, sharp improvements then our Process Improvement consultants can manage the whole project from start to finish. If you want your own people to be able to improve your processes then we can train and coach them.

Lean Thinking – achieving Operational Excellence

If you need to improve your operations (maybe an assembly line or a restaurant) we can help you to map them as they are today (the "Current State"). Then we'll help you to pick the right Lean tools and techniques. We'll coach your people to apply them - they'll "Learn by doing". And they'll map out how things will be once you've improved them - the "Future State".

We offer a complete range of services to help you develop your own approach to Lean, whether you’re new to the idea or have been "applying the tools" for many years. Through our partner organisation The Lean Consortium we also offer a ready-made 12-month Business Improvement framework.

Practical Process Improvement

If you’ve ever tried to get to grips with improving or streamlining your business process you know what a time-consuming and depressing exercise it can prove. All those miles and miles of brown paper and sticky notes, or pages and pages of diamonds, rectangles and arrows. Difficult enough to map it, but how do you then get your people and their teams to work together to improve things?

By working with experienced Process Improvement consultants and trainers, of course! It's what we do, and we've been doing it successfully for many years now.

If you'd like to arrange a free, no-obligation visit, or just a chat with one of our consultants on improving your processes, contact us.