What our clients say...

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"Andrew and his team have a knack of making complex problems seem simple - very useful when we get bogged down!"

Ian Batchelor
Group Finance Director, Analox Sensor Technology Ltd

"More from less - what more can any company want!."

Richard Field
Owner and Managing Director, Rack Systems (Engineering) Ltd

As part of our own Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle of continuous improvement, we recently surveyed our clients to find out what we do well, and where we could do better, and the following are some of the comments we received:

"Andrew is supportive, easy to talk to ... he cares about the business and not just about getting paid. He's in it to do the job right and build up a relationship from it."

"Andrew listens to the problem I have and combines the solution into the work that we're doing. He doesn't have a pre-determined idea of what he's going to do."

"Andrew listened to the problems and came up with the solution, and he's very good at connecting across the business".

"What we got from the project was beyond what was expected. Andrew keeps you on your toes (in a good way) and makes sure you are happy with things".

"We brought Andrew into our organisation because we were limited internally on skills and knowledge ... it was useful for some of our employees to hear from an external viewpoint (and one who has experience of other organisations") ..."

Following a "Leading Organisational Change" workshop:

"Excellent workshop, very informative, well delivered by someone who has a complete understanding of the subject!"

John Brumhead
Production Manager, Paneltex Ltd

Following a "Lean and Operational Management" workshop:

"I am writing to let you know how useful I found this workshop delivered by Andrew Nicholson ... His in-depth knowledge of the subject matter was unquestionable and I feel that this was the most informative workshop I have ever attended".

Christine Chun
Redeburn Consultancy

Here's what our clients say about Lean:

"I have worked for Analox for 22 years and can really see the improvements "Lean Thinking" has made to the way we work."

Julie Brady
Instrument Technician, Analox Sensor Technology Ltd

"We've now got an extra £500,000 in the bank"

"We've halved our change-over times"

"We've created so much extra space that we no longer need to move to a bigger factory"

"Great support - easy to contact, easy to talk to, easy to work with"

"... listened to the problems and came up with the solution"